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To From Tom Rodgers: Childrens Holocaust in USA -- State Drugging of Children --Psychiatry, Education and Illinois poisoning Ariela and Eifrat Kauffman]

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*Dear <http://michaelmoore.com>

I have been impressed with you courage to investigate and publish

unpopular** discovery**,** perspectives and truth.



Can you please look at my letter (below) and my website efforts in

behalf of a traumatized (Israeli citizen in US) mother and her Illinois

State violated children (abducted with hundreds others like them). It

is just the tip of the Iceberg of Child Protective Services fraud

(driven by** drug research**, sexual exploitation and** money** for all)

and is egregious and must draw national and international attention (I

am **already **speaking to the Israeli Government, Israel's Private

Advocacy groups, including valiant Barry Chamish [ BarryChamish.com ],

and their media (to as I many I know); as well as our own.


Ayalla Kauffman: click to ChildrensHollocaustUSA.org

<http://ChildrensHollocaustUSA.org>The older girl, Ariela has currently

been hospitalized** again with medication overdoses (now 4 times of

record that we can find) while under strict lock down, personal

restraint and 24/7 control!!!

So how does she end up overdosed???

Who is making sure she has more meds than she is supposed to have???

Do they want her silent???

Her baby sister, Eifrat has not been seen in months!!!*


(You can call the mother, Ayalla Kauffman in Chicago Ill. USA at phone


708-848-0116 (home)

and get her two children's horror story first hand. She has Medical,

Police and FBI reports taken or started on this case.)

Then do what you can to investigate, publicize and provoke correction

through every conceivable contact or method you can!

-- also call** me with your added questions, thoughts or suggestions.*

*Tom Rodgers


This is what I have shared with everyone I know -- all done without

sufficient personal resources, but with lots of /chutzpah/**!




*Dear Mothers, Families and Friends;** all concerned with children,

family and individual Natural and Constitutional** rights**, including

religious, educational, nutritional and medical choice:

Please take a brief moment to read this " Poster Child " case of State

care, written (originally with little sleep, now expanded) as I

struggled with a broken hearted mother, who is rightfully terrified that

her daughters may not survive their** **State administered **drugs and

physical abuse,** **and live!

These children's body's (along with so many others) are being poisoned

every day that they are in State custody and forced its experimental

drugs driven psychiatric care. So with my knowledge and experience, I am

driven to help this betrayed mother get her children back. So I am

willing to be visible with public scrutiny for the sake of these

children -- or for any other violated child, mother and family! -- How

about you?**

Please let me know what you could do to help this mom see and regain her

daughters/ -- and other mothers and daughters restored with her!/

Begin by sharing this letter and website with all you believe should

know, including all media, Legislators (local, national, international),

good people and all those you know with any influence!

**Exposure, public and political attention and pressure are tools that

work correction with reasonable success. Please help make that happen!

We must / " Shout their sins from the roof-tops! " /

We are already seeing some hope as we have shined our light on these

heartless malfeasants. These low-life drug-pushing child harming

criminals, especially those embedded in public bureaucracy**, do not

like the light of pubic exposure to shine on them. That exposure is core

to what we are doing here! So for the lives and happiness of these and

other psychiatry and state harmed children, once more I am driven! /--

So I am sorry for/**/ my/**/ obvious rage. But these

psychiatric-mercenaries who destroy children's minds and bodies, and the

bureaucratic fools who facilitate them, deserve publicity's hot

" sunburn " to stage 4 malignant melanoma and/**/ their own/**/

/**/forced/**/ witch's brew of/**/ lethal/**/ " chemo-therapy " public


/**/ " It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck,

and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little

ones. " /*


Please share and respond,


801-298-9095 (call anytime you can)

If the webpage copy here below, or the inserted photos do not show up in

this email,

**please go to ChildrensHolocaustUSA.org

<http://ChildrensHolocaustUSA.org>, HolocuastUSA.org

<http://HolocuastUSA.org> or TeenScreenScam.org

<http://TeenScreenScam.org>*/*** <http://HolocaustUSA.org>*/


Those domains give access to versions of** KauffmanVsIllinois.org

<http://KauffmanVsIllinois.org> */* (**which can also be accessed

through the link in my FamilyVsState.org <http://FamilyVsState..org> --

a site containing another " evidence-easy " case** suite**-worthy for

malpractice medicine & law, personal injury & Constitutional or Human

Rights violations! -- and my newer developing site:

PreMedicatedMurder.org <http://PreMedicatedMurder.org> )



.....ChildrensHolocaustUSA.org (/com) ChildrensHolocaustIllinois.org

HolocaustUSA.org (/com)

..,..Kauffman (Mother and Daughters) Versus Illinois.htm (for Israel)

*/ USCDC.org /*TeenScreenHolocaustUSA.org


/Profiles/q8sxts62.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/Templates?number=20413700 & part=1\

..2 & filename=KauffmanVsIllinoisForSpanish.htm>

/ Russian


/Profiles/q8sxts62.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/Templates?number=20413700 & part=1\

..3 & filename=KauffmanVsIllinoisForRussian.htm>



/Profiles/q8sxts62.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/Templates?number=20413700 & part=1\

..2 & filename=KauffmanVsIllinoisForSpanish.htm>

// Other


/Profiles/q8sxts62.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/Templates?number=20413700 & part=1\

..4 & filename=KauffmanVsIllinoisForTranslation.htm>/

*/The Faces of Teen Screen -- Holocaust in Illinois DCFS/*

After three years of custody, this Jewish child and her pain is /the

face/ of Illinois DCFS care.

Taken in the name of " learning challenge " observation and therapy, this

once happy child and her baby sister are now the molested, abused,



/Profiles/q8sxts62.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/Templates?number=20413700 & part=1\

..6 & filename=KauffmanVsIllinoisForIsrael.htm>/

and vilely damaged fruits of Illinois DCFS and their profiting agents,

collaborated with Psychiatry, the Pharmaceutical Industry and their

" medical management of a child's mind " !

Please understand the horror that an immoral system, gone pathetically

out of control, has done to this child, her baby sister -- and is doing

to others! -- possibly your own!

*/This site is a loving Israeli mother's fight, and right, to save her

own flesh and blood!

/**It is now discovered that this child was in emergency with a " Drug

Overdose " 2 Sept 05!!!

How could this happen in such careful State care??? ... (Read on!)**/ /*


Evening -- Sept 26 -- Again in emergency (tonight) with a medication

overdose !!!

(We now have 4 incidents of record) -- Who is providing the drugs and

why??? *26Oct05ak*



*/Children's " Holocaust " in USA -- Ariela and Eifrat Kauffman/*

Here are adorable Ariela (10) and Eifrat (7) Kauffman, a few weeks

before the Psychiatrists and the State of Illinois DCFS took away their

childhood, happiness and sanity, as they removed them from their mother

and family, only to become their truly abusive Bureaucratic drug-doping

" parents " !

-- Taken from their dedicated, Israel born, mother, Ayalla Kauffman,

under the guise of Illinois Public Education's Psychiatric Evaluations

(as pilot for Illinois " Teen Screen " ) -- no longer do they smile, enjoy

each others love, or play in innocence, but are now trapped in the

apathetic and heartless to malicious actions of individuals in DCFS, the

GAL, State Law, profiting Psychiatry and their well paid group-home

" caregivers " , of Illinois! --

Acting soulless and loveless, for perpetual State secured profits, these

individuals have turned these Jewish children's lives into an evil

nightmare of /perpetual medication


/Profiles/q8sxts62.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/Templates?number=20413700 & part=1\

..8 & filename=KauffmanVsIllinois.htm>/,

separation trauma, fear, abuse, barbaric restraint (even tied naked),

terror, molestation!

-- and their grieving mother's heart into /perpetual/ sorrow!

So the very bureaucrats who claim to protect children are in fact the

facilitators or individual perpetrators of this vile experience in

childhood horror and harm!

This State's atrocity is another _Holocaust!_ -- for these helpless

Jewish children and their anguished Israeli mother! This time, its in

*Senator Ira I. Silverstein's


/Profiles/q8sxts62.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/Templates?number=20413700 & part=1\

..9 & filename=KauffmanVsIllinoisForIsrael.htm>*

Chicago, Illinois, USA!

-- In three years, he has done nothing about it! Why not?


This photograph below was taken two years ago (June 3 2003 by visiting

family) as Ariela and Eifrat were already nine months into their

Illinois State custody.

Notice here, that Ariela (11), lovingly embracing younger Eifrat (8), is

already severely bruised about her face in State " care " , nine months

into their " detainment " -- just for purported " observation " and " medical

management " (as human lab rats?) for their Public Education alleged ADD

/ ADHD " behavior and learning ?disorders? " !

-- What kind of State administered learning-disorder therapy requires

_striking a small child in the face?_ -- Isn't the prevention of

child-abuse the whole purpose of DCFS? Where is her publicly paid

Illinois State Guardian ad Litem protection here?

-- Neither Ariela nor her sister were ever beaten or bruised in her

mother's care!

-- She would have been arrested!

-- especially for these bruises!

So, why now is it acceptable to allow anyone to beat them (or any child)

in the State's so-called " protective " custody!

-- The answer is easy! -- _Neither_ the State, _nor_ their supposed

" protector " , the Guardian ad Litem has _ever_ _loved_ these children!

-- But their mother, who bore them, nursed them, gave them their life,

including all of her own, _always_ _has_!


Quickly separated thereafter, they are now not allowed even to see each

other. Why?

Instead of improving, and returning these two girls to their loving

mother and her safe home, after their so-called /90 day observation and

" corrective " psychotherapy/ -- as was proposed by the State /(just to

improve their alleged learning challenges)/ -- that promise and

commitment was curiously rescinded!

-- Now they are perpetually separated and kept from family! - from each

other! - and you!

-- Why? What disclosures could they share!

Betrayed, these two young girls and their /(Israeli born)/ mother have

now suffered three years in this harm and coverings of corrupt Illinois

DCFS individuals, profiting fostering and group home placements,

Psychiatry, and Illinois State Law!

-- All this began with an unwise individual(s), manipulated teachers,

and a Public Education Industry seduced and used by

the /'Codex-of-Mental-Illness'/ inventing (D.S.M. IV

<http://www.google.com/search?hs=dJJ & hl=en & lr= & client=firefox-a & rls=org.mozilla%\

3Aen-US%3Aofficial & q=DSM+IV & btnG=Search>)

Psychiatrists and their agent mercenaries, pushing their Illinois (pilot

for their now secured) " Teen Screen

<http://www.psychsearch.net/teenscreen.html> " /Psychotropic drug

testing/ program! -- all lobbied and backed by Psychiatry and the multi

billion dollar Pharmaceutical Industry -- of which has major

administration, testing and manufacturing and support facilities in

Illinois; with hundreds of other dependent businesses, with thousands of

employees and associates, all muscling political power with their profit

and your public funds both in Illinois /and /Washington and the U.N.!

*/-- For perpetual gain, these Illinois and National " drug pushers " ,

with their 'Codex' concocting Psychiatric collaberants, are all lobbying

to obligate the entire Nation, all her children, and you!



These two once beautiful girls are being now ravaged with abuse in a

system of full of ignorance, greed, medical experimentation, amoral

opportunists taking mental and physical liberties, including pathetic

immoral predation committed against helpless State seized children.

Now in Ariela, at just thirteen years of age, see the results of three

years of abuse, constant drugging, physical violations, including sexual

molestation, separation trauma; and deep emotional damage, consequent to

a heartless bureaucracy, too willing to destroy their juvenile wards, as

they deny family or public contact in order to cover their incompetence,

physical and sexual violations, drug damage, restraint mutilation,

demoralization, suicides and homicides occurring within their custody,

foster and group home internments!

On August 13, 2005, This once beautiful and happy girl (see first

photo), escaped from her group home (with another female ward of the

state) and found her way across Chicago to her mothers home.

With good sense the mother took these photos, called police, and had

both girls taken to a hospital to document their abuse and molestation.

Do you see any joy or comfort in this child?

/Notice the chronic deep tissue swelling between her eyes./

Illinois DCFS (their collaborating Guardian ad Litem, the State Juvenile

Judge and so-called " Family-Defense " Lawyers and Psychiatric

practitioners) immediately re-seized the escaped girls, returning them

to their offensive group home (see Chicago Sun Times Aug 31 2005:

ville <http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-mary31.html> or

google's cache


t-nws-mary31.html+ & hl=en & client=firefox-a>)

-- this, instead of honestly investigating the offending agent and

providers, or admitting to error and or caring enough to return these

girls to a healing family environment and protecting them from further


Do you see at all, in Ariela's face above (and in her abrased limbs

below), any evidence of emotional /happiness/ or / " improvement " / in the

State's so called " learning disability " repair, " corrective " or even

/ " protective " / care -- as they presumptuously propound?


The very next day, Aug 14, Ariela and her group home companion _escaped_

_again!_ This time successfully getting out of state -- and were there

again documented with evidence of abuse, by that State's less biased law

and medicine! Yet Illinois DCFS crossed State lines, ignored a caring,

thorough, un-coerced Judge's order, re-seized and again forced Ariela

and her companion to return to the same hellish facility in Illinois,

and has locked her away in their psyc-ward, to this day! -- as likewise

is her distraught younger sister, currently.

Then their Guardian ad Litem -- /paid/ to /really care/ for the

children, including meeting their /emotional needs/ and /safety/ --

allegedly threatened the girls with _never_ being able to see their

families _ever_ again, and has them left locked away in the psych ward

lock down -- instead of providing compassionate advocacy for these

children! And the same woman is currently pressing to gag her mother and

her advocates, Able Child (and CCHR-Texas)! Why?

Separated from Ariela, younger Eifrat is even more desperate, frail and

helpless, she acts out in hopelessness, as she is continuously drugged,

restrained, strapped naked, and is long locked away from her mother --

now, ultimately, locked away from all family visits!

-- Why? Of what horrors could she tell?

-- Both sisters have ended up in Emergency, at near death or in serious

trauma, scores of times, and continuously over the three years that they

have been in State custody, beginning immediately within days of their

seizure, in Sept 2002. So what does DCFS and their agents not want the

family or you to know? Why were these children so quickly limited, now

fully deprived, of any contact? Why was that suppression began within

days of their custody, three years ago? What incident(s) could have

triggered the early suppression of these two girls. So under State care,

what now is their future ever to become?

What dreams, security or hope can they have. What does DCFS or their so

called Guardian ad Litem have in store for their happiness? Love?

Emotional repair? Self esteem?

Or is it to be just more bruises?


Now, as of Sept 2, 2005, after her two days of her temporary freedom in

her run-aways (above) in which finally she got to be with her mother a

few hours, but snatched back by her State DCFS " captors " and medicators,

two weeks later, Ariela, was taken (again) to emergency with a reported

" drug overdose " ! -- How did that occur in the strict lock-down

management in which she was placed (to prevent her succeeding in another


So who provided the drugs for her to " overdose " upon???*



*Evening -- Sept 26 -- Again in emergency (tonight) with a medication

overdose !!!

(We now have 4 incidents of record) -- Who is providing the drugs and

why??? *26Oct05ak


There is so much to know about these girls -- and their broken hearted

mother -- in their three awful years experienced with the State!

-- It is all written into the soul and face of Ariela (and now nervously

rocking Eifrat, if you could see her).

But DCFS and their profiting friends obviously don't want you to know!

That's why Ariela and Eifrat are locked away!

and their mother Ayalla and her caring Advocates are told to shut up!

*/AbleChild's advocacy for the mother, published early in case -

[captured in web]./*

*ablechild.org/kauffman/american children_trapped in illinois.htm


. [ internet cache


ican_children_trapped_in%2520illinois.htm+ & hl=en & client=firefox-a>


*ablechild.org/kauffman/letter to gov


. [ internet cache


er%2520to%2520gov%25206-30-05.htm+ & hl=en & client=firefox-a>


*ablechild.org/kauffman/appeal letter

<http://www.ablechild.org/kauffman/appeal%20letter%205-3-05.htm> . [

internet cache


al%2520letter%25205-3-05.htm+ & hl=en & client=firefox-a>



<http://www.ablechild.org/videolinks.htm> . [ internet cache

< & hl=en & clien\



/What will you do to stop this abomination committed against all children,/

/the family and motherhood?/

*/USCDC.org /6Sept 05 (Edited 22 Sept 05)*


*/Here is these children's State administered Medication Madness!/*

*Listed below are the known drugs that these children have been given!*

* -/- it appears that many others have been tried on them

experimentally, have created a crisis, so have been covered!/*

*Ariela -- at 10 years old -- July 2002*

*Taken for Psychiatric evaluation* *Eifrat -- at 7 years old -- July 2002*

*Accompanied her sister for evaluation*

*Three months, she was forcibly prescribed by Psychiatrist, against

mother's protest:*

*Ritalin 10mg x 3 (daily doses)*

*Paxol 10mg x 3*

*Prozac 12mg x 3*

*Zoloft 100mg x 3*

*Resperdal 5mg / 2 days* *In that same period with her mother & sister,

Eifrat also was forcibly prescribed:*

*Ritalin 10mg x 3*

*Ariela became irrational, violent and schizophrenic - taken to psych

unit twice more for help by frightened mother *

*DCFS seized child Sept 12 2002* *Younger Eifrat, closely bonded with

her sister, though more lightly medicated, reacted to her sisters

paranoia, mimicking her irrationality, so DCFS seized her too!*

*Ariela was taken at 10 yrs old, and is today still only 13, but has

been given all these adult drugs (with more yet to be listed). In

emergency 30+ times* *Eifrat taken into custody at 7 yrs old. Today, at

only 10 yrs old, she has been medicated with adult prescriptions - her

damage is kept concealed.*

*Ritalin 10mg x 3*

*Zoloft - 100mg x 3*

*Haldol - 5mg Periodic*

*Thorazine - 75mg inj periodic*

*Effexor - 375mg x 3*

*Lithium - 5mg periodic *

*Seroquer - 100mg? x 3*

*Zyprexa 35mg x 3*

*Prozac 12mg x 3*

*Paxil 10mg x 3*

*Strattera 10mg x 3*

*Tenex 5mg periodic*

*Resperdal 5mg / 2 days*

*Ativan 500mg x 3*

*Benderal 150 periodic*

*approx 7 more from memory*

*(they will be listed as records open)*

*Besides the neurological assault, unabated, Ariela's liver will fail!

-- Just read the PDR!!!*

*She cannot not sustain the adult drug levels of poisoning; and they

know that! *

* -- So what is their real intent?*

*Ritalin 10mg x 3*

*Zoloft ?100?mg x 3*

*Lithium - 5mg periodic*

*Seroquer - 100mg? x 3*

*Zyprexa 5mg x 3*

*Tenex 5mg periodic*

*Lexapro 5mg x3*

*Eifrat's medication and hospitalization records have been more

carefully guarded (or destroyed?)! She has been hospitalized scores of

times in their three years of vile custody!*

*Indications are that several more drugs have been attempted (tested?)

on this more helpless, frail and emotionally

(sister-and-mother)-dependent, separation traumatized, child. *

*She is also seriously degraded in her physical health and is at mortal

risk (with failure to thrive) as well! *

/After defeating the Nazis, why have we slid backwards and accepted Dr

Mengele's sick- minded mentality of Psychiatry, in public education,

social services and in State care of our children?/

/These innocent children are just some of the victims of our public

apathy, tolerance, even blind acceptance of this Public Education,

Pediatric Medicine, DCFS and State enforced behavior suppression and

mind-control, using their alchemist's toxic suedo-science evil!/

*/So what will you do to stop this abomination committed against these

and all other children, the sovereign family, nurturing motherhood and

protective fatherhood?/*

*/USCDC.org /10 Sept 05 (Edited 22 Sept 05)*


*Please use your influence to /STOP THIS MADNESS!/*

*Share this site & the links herein. Please share this case and its

issues with every non-adversarial, caring person you know, especially

your Legislators (both local, national, international), _all media_, all

advocacy organizations, your Rabbis or Clergy, educators, family and


*/This mother, her children, every other child and your own children

will honor you for it/*

*Copy and share this panel (and any text or part thereof) with all

others who may help:


FamilyVsState.org <http://FamilyVsState.org> will link you to this

" core " page: /USCDC.org/KauffmanVsIllinois.htm


*Then see AbleChild.org: American Children Trapped in Illinois




ican_children_trapped_in%2520illinois.htm+ & hl=en & client=firefox-a>]

> Letter to Governor 3-30-05



er%2520to%2520gov%25206-30-05.htm+ & hl=en & client=firefox-a>]

> Letter of Appeal 5-3-05



al%2520letter%25205-3-05.htm+ & hl=en & client=firefox-a>]

> Videolinks <http://www.ablechild.org/videolinks.htm> [cache

< & hl=en & clien\


> AbleChild.org(home) <http://www.ablechild.org/videolinks.htm>*

*Additional resources for education and support in this issue:*

*#1 http://www.psychsearch.net/teenscreen.html*

*#2 http://www.rutherford.org/articles_db/commentary.asp?record_id=355*

*#3 there are many here: http://www.mindfreedom.org/links.shtml*

*Ira I. Silverstein

<http://www.ilga.gov/senate/Senator.asp?GA=94 & MemberID=1009> is the

Illinois (USA) State Senator responsible for Ayalla, Ariela and Eifrat.

He also holds position on the Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy

Commission <http://gac.state.il.us/comnrs.html> and is responsible for

the safety of children, but instead he has set in the shadows of the

court room; chatting friendlily with the vindictive, mother-persecutory,

traumatizing Guardian ad Litem, Ms Magee (the so-called

" defender " ) for these children. -- Never speaking to the betrayed

mother, Ayalla, nor asking of her state abuse evidence, Senator

Silverstein has done nothing to expose or fix this abomination of his

state and its psychiatric drugs and physical abuse of these _Jewish_

children, Ariela and Eifrat or the other similarly violated children in

state custody. Why?*

*-- _Please ask Senator Silverstein's fellows Legislators_ in the

Illinois State Senate <http://www.ilga.gov/senate/default.asp>, House

<http://www.ilga.gov/house/> and Governor

<http://www.illinois.gov/gov/bio.cfm>, why they are ignorant or

indifferent to his Commission, DCFS and its profitting Psychiatric and

Custody Providers abuse problem -- especially with these _Jewish_


*If you have inside or valuable information, influence, friends,

relatives, Rabbis, experts, honorable lawyers or important contacts (if

at all possible, in Chicago, Illinois, Washington DC and Israel) to help

Ayalla Kauffman and her children -- and to help us (for all children and

parents everywhere); please share, speak and do everything you can now!

/Thank you!/*

*Contact us: Kauffman@...


*Or call Tom R, 801-577-1845 (or 801-298-9095)*




USA version)


/Profiles/q8sxts62.default/Mail/Local%20Folders/Templates?number=20413700 & part=1\

..15 & filename=KauffmanVsIllinois.htm>/*

*/This labor & site is provided at my own expense TLR, as LifeSave.

Please feel free to help <http://LifeSave.org/Donations.htm> /**/if you

wish! USCDC.org /10Sept05

(Edited 22Sept05)*

/ ...Last edit 22 Sept 2005 6:40 pm/

*/Click here for actual website /*

*/ChildrensHolocaustUSA.org/* <http://ChildrensHolocaustUSA.org>

*/For easy recall : TeenScreenScam.org , TeenScreenHorror.org ,

TeenScreenHolocaust.org , ChildrensHolocaustUSA.org , or HolocaustUSA.org/*

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