The Wonder Fruit: Eat Pomegranate to Fight Ageing and Improve Endurance

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You may want to include pomegranates in your daily diet. Known for their anti-inflammatory properties and cancer-busting antioxidants, they also protect muscles and improve endurance, claims a recent study. According to researchers, a type of compound found in pomegranate could play an important role in strengthening muscle cells.

This protective and boosting effect has been linked to an anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective component of pomegranate, leading to the production of urolithins. The study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, explains how urolithins can slow the aging process by encouraging cells to repair and renew mitochondria, the parts of cells that convert food into energy.

These protective agents are produced by gut bacteria from polyphenols called ellagitannins, which are naturally present in pomegranates. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that are found in many fruits and vegetables.

The scientists studied the effects of urolithins on rats and mice. They were found to improve muscle function in mice with no change in muscle mass, resulting in a 9% increase in grip strength.

What’s more, the mice who received urolithins were found to spontaneously exercise 57% more than control mice, with increased running endurance of 42% for mice and 65% for rats.

The researchers attribute the boost in muscle function to improved mitochondrial renewal, eliminating damaged mitochondria and boosting production of new, healthy mitochondria.

Previous studies have shown that regularly eating pomegranate could have a protective effect against neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Urolithins are considered a promising avenue of research for scientists working on ways of improving mitochondrial function and muscle function. They are currently the subject of clinical trials to evaluate their effectiveness in humans. The results are expected in 2017.

The study was published in the journal Nature Medicine.


13 comments on "The Wonder Fruit: Eat Pomegranate to Fight Ageing and Improve Endurance"

  1. Arun says:

    Thanks for sharing this online. Very informative and educative piece of information.

  2. Ganesh says:

    Yes this 100% true ,. I started eating fur lunch only fruits (each day one kind of fruit). Result :the so called cancer causing mole has completely disappeared .

    It has taken long time ,.abt 2 years but it is true.


  3. Dr.sindhu says:

    very informative …… life and fast food, reading such piece of work helps one to change to better way of life, and healthy diet.

  4. Ashok Kumar says:

    My grandson (15months old now) born premature by 3 months with 25% lungs, he spent 3 months on ventilator and since then he is on oxygen support 24×7 with PH. Any natural fruit, vegetable or medicine you can suggest to boost his weight & over all body development.

  5. Ram Moorti says: really doing good work in the field of natural healing and ayurveda.
    Keep it up

  6. riverdave says:

    i feel uncomfortable with this focus on these single chemical constituents. this is not ayurveda, this is not holistic medicine. testing these lone chemicals out of the context of a whole fruit proves nothing. next we will hear that it is a “superfood.” next it is offered as extracts in capsules. next stock is sold in a drug company organized to push the capsules …

  7. vaidyanathan says:

    Dear all,

    I have been told that consuming pommegranate juice with
    seeds (also ground ) is able to eliminatae blocks in coronary arteries. Is this true ?

  8. R Nanjappa says:

    Nowadays most fruits in India are not grown naturally (organically). Commercial farming involves chemical inputs at all stages, including for ripening. We are not sure to what extent such chemicals affect/alter the natural substances in the fruits which give them their character. A Recent report says that “Piper Longum” the main ingredient of Pippali, used extensively in Ayurvedic preparations, is absent in the samples of the commercially available Pippali in Bengaluru and Chennai markets. The report appeared in The Bangalore Mirror on August 5. 2016. I am unable to append it here.

    According to naturopathy, fruits are a complete food by themselves and should be eaten alone, not mixed with cooked food ( that is, taken as supplement to the main diet.) I personally know a case where a patient of diabetes and heart problems , taking allopathic medicines for over 20 years, was completely cured with food consisting of only organically grown fruits. A relative , who was detected with TB in London was completely cured in 4 months with only fruit diet.
    But these fruits were obtained from reliable, known organic growers. And the persons were personally supervised by reliable naturopaths.

  9. Numan ALADAG says:

    Gerçekten de insanlar için çok faydalı bilgiler yayınlıyorsunuz. Bu hizmetlerinizden dolayı Feythiye-Muğla-Turkey den selam ve sevgilerimi sunuyorum

  10. Ravinath says:

    True; eat these vegetables & fruits and definitely you will feel better health.

  11. Bob Pillay says:

    Very informative and educational. With medication becoming so expensive our low and middle income group can use info like this to improve their health. Thank You

  12. D. Singh says:

    Excellent article. Fruits are very good and I eat them every day and mix them with vegetables for smoothies. I’ve stopped eating rice, bread and roti and I feel a lot better; I feel more energetic and alive.

  13. Raman Unni A.K. says:

    A.K.R.Unni. Very very true. We eat lot of fruits. With regular exercise and fruits I am feeling energetic as if I am 40/. Same is the case with my wife as well. I am 65 now. Replace junk food with fresh fruits and vrgetables and observe the difference in just 15 days. Don’t ignore this god’s given gift.

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