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Re: Metroplasty vs. Septoplasty

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Posted 18 August 2001 - 07:34 AM

<and I have to
have a catheter balloon for a week following the procedure to prevent
adhesions.(Doesn't that sound fun??)>>

I just wanted to say that I had one after one of my surgeries and
wondered if it really helped or not. Well that was three years ago and
now I feel like whatever help it would have given probably doesn't exist
anymore.. ?what do you think? I do have to say that the balloon did
not cause me any discomfort. (I had tylenol w/ codeine though). I even
was at a wedding a few days later dancing up a storm. Hopefully it will
be as easy for you!! I will be thinking of you,

Lizbeth Ager or Persson wrote:

> <<He will put me on premarin beforehand, >>
> Are you sure that is what he said? Premarin will build up the lining,
> which
> makes surgical visibility harder. I have heard of physicians'
> prescribing
> birth control pills or Lupron Depot to thin the lining prior to
> surgery.
> Premarin is commonly prescribed *after* surgery to promote endometrial
> regrowth (and boy does it ever! Gave me the biggest period of my life
> after
> my first surgery)
> <<and I have to
> have a catheter balloon for a week following the procedure to prevent
> adhesions.(Doesn't that sound fun??)>>
> No . . . and I guess the balloon is nice but not necessary. A lot of
> times
> it'll come out early, and the patient is just fine, so if it does not
> stay
> in a week, don't worry. My doc put some adhesion barrier gauze
> (InterCEED)
> in my uterine cavity after my second septoplasty, and I cramped and
> bled a
> bit for three or four days until it was all expelled.
> <<Is
> metroplaty essentially the same thing as septoplasty? I've looked
> around the
> net but haven't found a lot of info... >>
> Yes, essentially. The first word means plastic surgery to the uterus,
> and
> the second means plastic surgery to the septum. Since a septum is
> part of a
> uterus, a septoplasty is technically a form of metroplasty.
> " Septoplasty "
> seems to be synonymous with " hysteroscopic metroplasty. " The other
> sort
> that pertains to us is " abdominal metroplasty, " which is very uncommon
> these
> days, and most often used to correct a bicornuate condition.
> HTH,
> Beth
> --
> The Congenital Uterine Anomalies Home Page
> http://www.wegrokit....erineanomalies/

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