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Pie Crust Tongue

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Posted 29 December 2007 - 01:56 PM

I so like that expression and so right on the money!! Wow this is so
uplifting. My tongue most definitely resembles a pie crust underneath
when keep my mouth shut for a period of time (hey I can hear you all
shouting I bet that doesn't happen much!). Sorry I haven't responded
to any of the comments today but my laptop screen decided to break
after nearly 2 months so we had to take it back for repair. I am now
on my husbands and have to queue behind my kids! Again for those who
missed my comments over the last couple of days I am too lazy to walk
a few feet to the main pc in my living room!.

I am taking in all the great advice and will be getting these tests
sorted but I have to write myself notes because I forget. I have even
had doctor consultations and left without asking the questions I have
meant to ask.

So tonight I am going to bed with a tumbler of cold water to see if I
have a Candida problem - wouldnt be surprised as I have had a bucket
load of antibiotics in the last two months, mainly following my
pelvic floor surgery thingy and catheterisation.....So having this
flippin cold now its triggered my asthmatic cough and at least I am
not wetting my knickers ha ha!!

Someone mentioned adrenals...well one GP did mutter something about
adrenal insufficiency another said getting any diagnosis would take
months and my GP who I saw last said " being treated for thyroid will
not help you lose weight " . Now that suggests to me that she felt my
sole reason for this 'crusade' was to lose weight. hmme! I think it
would be far more cost effective to get me sorted rather than me
being at the surgery every month with some vague ailment.

Sheila asked about my OCD well I went to my GP convinced I had it
because I had great deal of anxiety especially when moving
departments with little or no warning. I was arranging my husbands
clothes in colour order, I was having intrusive thoughts mainly on
the lines that my kids might get injured or die whilst out. My
compulsion was mainly to pick an area on the back of my head or
collect pens or hand bags (not alone on that one eh?) and shop shop
shop for nothing in particular. Lots of things really that I dont
want to go into but steadily taking over my life to the point I was
feeling that I had too much going on to do anything and that in turn
left me sitting in my chair only going out if I really really had to.

So Fluvoxamine 300mgs per night is my SSRI antidepressant and have to
say I feel a bit better but by no means cured and I might feel better
because I am not back at work for at least another month.

If you met me in the street you wouldn't have a clue what was going
on in my life and that has been my downfall, I am too good at giving
advice (nurse/midwife) and not very good at taking it. I can look
outwardly happy and chirpy but inside I am screaming " help me " . So
now I have found a group of lovely ladies that listen to my ramblings
I am going to stick at it and keep you up to speed with my progress.
thanks to all

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Posted 29 December 2007 - 04:58 PM

I find my own serrated-edged tongue is a really useful way of telling
when I'm not getting it right. It helps as a back up when I'm feeling
out of sorts: is it a bug or am I hypo.........
check the tongue, yep, definitely hypo.
Luv Bella

> I so like that expression and so right on the money!! Wow this is so
> uplifting. My tongue most definitely resembles a pie crust
> when keep my mouth shut for a period of time (hey I can hear you all

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