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Re: weight loss, Candida and Caprylic Acid

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Posted 18 June 2005 - 03:53 AM


Thanks for the wealth of interesting and fascinating
information! It will take me a while to study the
various links you suggested.

Presently I am experimenting with supplementing my
VCO, coconut and Candida Diet
(www. ) with LIQUID
Caprylic Acid (in a solution of Olive Oil). Not to be
confused with the DRY TABLETS, which apparently are
NOT effective.

It's too early to tell any results yet, but " Naturally
Empowered " www.@... claims that it
is more effective than anything currently on the
market, including Nystatin. Also: www.potentherbs.com
has Caprylic Acic available in gel caps. I figure
that, being derived from coconuts, it has potential!

--- Rowena <newses@...> wrote:

> My suggestions:
> Colon cleanse
> Fix dysbiosis with cleanse program, weed feed and
> seed - get rid of
> parasites, heal gut, repopulate with good bacteria.
> I was too chicken to do
> it myself with web instructions, so did it slower
> and gentler with good
> naturopath iridologist.
> Homeopathic remedies tailored to yourself.
> Classical good, computer
> assisted state of art.
> Possibly Rife or Enar/Scenar
> You could look into Guai for your FMS -
> http://www.psha-inc.com/guai-support/ the original,
> international
> Guai-Support Network offers access to 'self-help'
> health education and
> support. Discussion revolves around all renditions
> of the guaifenesin
> treatment for FMS, CFS, CFIDS, IBS, EDS, IC, MCS,
> along with many other health issues such as HG,
> reflux, Thyroid, Toxicity,
> etc.
> Members have access to extensive archives.
> Rowena
> Australia

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