Yoga and Pranayama

The Phenomenal Power of Yoga

When we read the ancient vedic texts like puranas etc, we come across human beings with supernatural abilities, exuding phenomenal strength. We hear of women with amazing beauty and radiance, which used to even attract gods. When we compare these beings with today’s people, they seem like unbelievable stories and myths. Hence, the term mythology…

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Halasana, the Miracle Pose that Helps Reduce Blood Pressure


In the beginning, the Halasana pose seems downright uncomfortable. Your neck’s bent inwards, your breathing is haphazard, and your toes are struggling to meet the ground. Slowly, but soon enough, you realise how practicing this pose and being able to hold it for more than 15 seconds can make your spine, neck, hamstrings and toes alert, and stretched out enough so your body feels open.

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Yoga’s Role in Slowing Brain Decline


Supported by Alzheimer’s Association grant, Rhode Island Hospital in Providence researchers are studying whether regular practice of yoga can “help a brain in slow decline”. It is “recruiting people with mild cognitive disorder” to study whether yoga can improve their condition. “Yoga is an ancient practice known to improve mental, spiritual and physical well-being among its practitioners”, a Hospital release says.

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5 Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga


Yoga is a holistic exercise that some participants embrace both for its mental and physical benefits. Those hooked to the ancient practice of yoga enjoy a number of positive health effects, and, for some, those benefits lend to a healthier state of mind, too. B.K.S. Iyengar, the pioneer of what’s now known as the Iyengar style of yoga, once said, “Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.”

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