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Ayurvedic Diet in Every Day Lifestyle


Making an Ayurvedic diet a part of you every day lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. People in the Western world are starting to become more aware of the benefits that Ayurvedic dieting can have on their overall health. However, there are many places that do not have Eastern food markets that are easily accessible.

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The Wonder Fruit: Eat Pomegranate to Fight Ageing and Improve Endurance

Pomegranate Peel1

You may want to include pomegranates in your daily diet. Known for their anti-inflammatory properties and cancer-busting antioxidants, they also protect muscles and improve endurance, claims a recent study. According to researchers, a type of compound found in pomegranate could play an important role in strengthening muscle cells.

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Simple Natural Relief for Knee Joint Pains and All General Minor Body Aches with a Leaf


In rural Andhra Pradesh, people collect the leaves of the Vavili plant which grow like a shrub. If you boil it in hot water, the liquid has pain relieving properties. The extract is often used while giving bath to women who have under gone  child delivery so that she will get relief from the general body aches she had during the delivery time. It is also used for those suffering from osteoarthritis to relieve joint pain.

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